Levi's® Vintage Clothing

Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1966 501® Jeans

Levi's® Vintage Clothing

Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1966 501® Jeans

Dark Indigo Organic - Blue

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Back in 1937, we began covering the back pocket rivets in an attempt to address complaints of rivets scratching furniture. But those copper rivets were tougher than they looked, and after a few years of hard wear, would break through the denim and proceed onto furniture. Luckily for couches everywhere, by 1966, technology had caught up and the back pocket rivets were replaced with bar tacks. This small change maintained the jean’s notorious durability, while finally solving the decades-long furniture-scratching issue. This particular style of 501® jeans—with its bar tacks and a Big “E” Red Tab™—only existed from 1966 to 1971. Now, we're bringing it back with these 1966 501® Jeans—with unique features that make it stand out in our long, storied history.

  • A reproduction of a pair of ultra-rare 501® jjeans that were only produced from 1966 to 1971—until now
  • Made with both bar tacks and a Big “E” Red Tab™
  • Bartack stitches are made to enforce the jean and preserved the garment's renowned durability
  • We worked with a Japanese artisan mill to recreate vintage Levi’s® selvedge denim
  • Double-needle arcuate stitchin

Style no. 665010146

How it Fits

  • Straight leg

Composition & Care

  • 100% Organic Cotton


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