The heat has arrived and the temperatures are getting higher. This season, without compromising on style and quality, we're betting on denim garments and summer jeans in lighter, fresher and extra comfortable fabrics. These are the great secrets of our new Lightweight Denim capsule, segmented into four new types of denim, which can be found throughout the spring-summer collection and in a wide variety of items. Produced using high-quality, sustainable, and revolutionary manufacturing processes, these garments use fabrics made from natural, highly soft, extra-comfortable materials. They'll cool you down on the warmest days and be your best sidekick, both this season and the ones to come.

Used especially in women's garments, our new Featherweight Denim is made from a blend of very soft and super comfortable natural fibers. It's ultra-lightweight, draping beautifully over the body and can be found in modern and perfect pieces. Equally lightweight and suitable for versatile use all year round, the new 10 oz. Lightweight Denim in 100% cotton is second to none and will guarantee you a completely different and unique wearing experience.


Thanks to its cooling properties, moisture absorption and UV protection, our Lightweight Cool Performance (9 oz-10.3 oz.) denim and fabrics will always keep you fresh and comfortable. Available in stretch and non-stretch versions, it's made from a blend of linen and Tencel, the perfect base for your day-to-day looks and this season's lightweight garments and jeans.

Especially tailored for women, the collection of tops has not been forgotten. Among the new Lightweight Denim capsule you'll find incredible tops inspired by our relaxed Californian style. In traditional denim tones, with bright colors and breathable fabrics, our new t-shirts, blouses and shirts will make sure you won't die from the heat, while adding lightness and brightness to your looks in ways you can't even imagine.

After 150 years, thanks to the innovative new 12.5 oz. STF Cotton-Tencel Lightweight Denim, the 501® family is also lighter and cooler. In addition to the 501® Original, the world's first jeans, some of the other models in the family are also available in lightweight, breathable denim that's perfect for wearing on hot days, vacations, beach parties, summer festivals, weekends outdoors, or at sunset with friends. We're sure you'll look great in them and they'll soon be on your list of essentials you can't live without.


In addition to the 501® classics, the new collection also includes other models of men's jeans. Inspired by the 90's and 00's, in a fresher, more comfortable and easy-to-wear version, they will conquer space in your wardrobe. Made from a blend of cotton and linen, they combine the quality and durability of cotton with the natural cooling properties of linen.

Under the lens of @BRANISLAVSIMONCIK, a Slovak fashion photographer renowned for his incredible work for Vogue and GQ Portugal, we photographed two of the country's Break Dance heavyweights to test and show our new collection of lightweight denim and jeans.

We've teamed up with @GQPORTUGAL, the leading magazine on fashion, trends, and innovation, to present the new Lightweight Denim collection and some of our best garments and summer jeans.

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