Levi's® Pride Relaxed Graphic Tank Top


ColourHeather Grey - Grey


CHANGE CONTINUES WITH YOU. The voice you use. The way you dress. Your very existence. This season, we celebrate LGBTQ+ activism—in all its manifestations. Our new Pride collection is made with love, for love and this tank's graphics make that obvious. Check the heart starburst on the back with "We are all magical beings" around it. In a world that demands conformity, being yourself is a small act of resistance. "Equality never goes out of style" graphic on front. "We are all magical beings" sunburst graphic on back. Embellished with rainbow Levi's® tab.

Style no. 565710025


  • 100% Cotton
  • Non-stretch
  • Crewneck
  • Sleeveless

cut and size

  • Relaxed fit

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