Levi's® Fresh Jadon Denim Shirt


ColourGardenia - Yellow


Inspired by the Levi's® Fresh Produce collection from 1973, Levi's Fresh is a new line of sustainably produced clothing for men and women, many in fun pastel colors. The unsung hero of denim clothing, the Denim Shirt doesn't get the attention of jeans or Trucker Jackets, but it's every bit as versatile and stylish. Our Jadon Denim Shirt is layering all-star, perfect for going over a tank or tee, and it's equally at home under a blazer or other outerwear. Let us sing its praises. This piece is made with natural dyes (from real plants or minerals) and water saving techniques.

Style no. A17760004


  • 100% Cotton
  • Denim
  • Non-stretch
  • Point Collar
  • Long sleeves

cut and size

  • Boxy fit

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